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Taste and see that our desserts are good.

Charm's Pies LLC is a licensed business proud to serve up mouth-watering desserts made-to-order and delivered to your doorstep. Our freshly baked goods are made with the purest ingredients and served with love. We are a locally owned and operated home-based bakery. Taste and see that our desserts are good! We know you’ll thank us later.


Taste and see that our desserts are good.

Tasty Tidbits You’ll Love

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Pound Cupcakes

Perfect pound cupcakes when plain or topped with fudge or buttercream frosting.

Butter Pineapple Pound Cupcakes

Charm’s pound cake and pound cupcakes are inspired by Charmaine’s late grandmother. Grandmother would bake cakes for the church and for the holidays. 

“You can’t touch anything in this kitchen, but you are welcome to watch.”

And watching was enough to learn how to make delicious pound cakes and pound cupcakes. :)

The BEST Sweet Potato Pie

Charm’s Sweet Potato Pies are inspired by a recipe passed down from Charmaine’s late great-grandmother who lived to be 97 years old.
 “I may not have much to give, but I can promise you will like this pie recipe even though you do not like sweet potato pie.”         -Great grandma
 Well guess what, she was right. 

Your one-stop shop for delicious desserts and the supplies you need to bake your own as well.


Fresh Sweet Potato Pies


Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffins


aprons and more

Kids Running

Are you an educator or administrator for a public school?

Our business offers discounts to public-school employees ONLY during the SOL season. (Begins May 1st and ends May 20th each school year)

Ready to partner or invest with our business?

Now welcoming restaurant partners as well as grants and other investments. Interested? Contact us today to schedule your free tasting or request a copy of our grant proposal.

“Taste and see that our desserts are good.” 

Charm’s Pies LLC is a single-member licensed business that provides made-to-order homemade desserts. This brand represents class, elegance, integrity, and grit. Charm’s Pies is currently an online delivery and shipping business; however, it offers its services to restaurants willing to purchase Charm’s Pies desserts at a wholesale price. Charm’s Pies is owned and operated by Charmaine Dyson, a minority woman who is also an educator in her community. She has donated homemade desserts to students, staff, and other members in the community expecting nothing in return. Charm’s Pies not only represents melt-in-your-mouth desserts, but it is representative of a community of people reaching out to help one another, whether by purchasing for others, or simply giving. One could say Charm’s Pies is the “Panera Bread” of small businesses.

Although this business is for profit, it kindly donates goods to members of the community who includes public-school students, staff, local churches, children’s ministries, and struggling single mothers. Lastly, this business is prepared to offer wholesale goods to restaurants seeking to sell Charm’s Pies products for profit.

Friends in Restaurant

*If you need your order shipped via priority mail, expect your package within 7-10 days after placing your order. There will be a prep time and a 2–3-day shipping time. Orders in Virginia, but outside of the RVA area, will be delivered in-person on SATURDAYS.

Chesterfield, Virginia


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